Day 1: Run, Run, Run

It had been years since I took a vacation. The stiff neck and sore back that I am having plus the visit to the chiropractor is evidence that I’m not as young as I used to be.

I left for South Korea on the 27th of March. Many people I know were worried about my going there alone. (Sounds almost forbidden!).  But sometimes it just can’t be helped because nobody shares the interest with me. If you end up with a travel partner whom you don’t gel with, it can be frustrating. So, yes… my ticket was purchased about 9 months ago. Just as the excitement began to start, news about the missing jet surfaced. Soon, it was all in the news and a few people I know started getting worried because I was going to Seoul via the same airline. I came close to foregoing this trip but decided against it. I went anyway.

One of the lessons I learned was that two hours of intransit time might not be enough. This is especially true when I had to rush to the connecting flight. Heck! My flight from Penang to KL was delayed by more than 1 hour. When I arrived in KLIA, I had to run to the gate,…only to find out that it had been changed,…so there I was again. Running.

I thank God that due to the heavy security, the flight departed later because of the long queue of people who had to go through the security screening.

Did I get much sleep in the plane? Not really. I didn’t watch the movies either. I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t. The seat just didn’t feel comfortable. (On that note, when I was on the way back from Seoul, sleeping was easy because I was dog tired.)



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