The Toilet Fiasco

Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai to the Chinese readers who are reading. Most of my colleagues are not at work today and the office is very quiet. Those of us who are working today have the green light to leave at 3pm. Still, Chinese New Year is just an ordinary day to me since all my sisters are not back for the celebration. They’re living too far away.

What I’ll remember most about today is the very long walk to the washroom. How is it possible that the washrooms that are not malfunctioning are all being cleaned at the same time? Isn’t the whole point of having several washrooms nearby – so that when one cannot be used, the other can be used? I had to go to another washroom in another building. By the time I returned to my office, I had used up 10 minutes. (I kid you not!)

Of course, what made it even worse is walking into the mensroom instead… Thank God there was nobody there.

I immediately knew there was something wrong when I walked in and saw 3 urinals in front of me. Is it because I didn’t have my morning coffee? Sigh…

So, I’m about to go home… and celebrate Chinese New Year…I mean eat! Yes,.. that’s just it. I celebrate by eating. Nothing more.

Have a good holiday!


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