About Superheroes and Villains

I must say, my brother in-law’s emails sometimes amuse me. I think he actually enjoys teasing me to a certain extent. Several years ago, when I was still studying in Canada, I think he and my sister had wanted to set me up with one of his friends. Naturally, being me, I rejected the idea. Then, when I finally met him, I was so surprised. He was so handsome. 

Last Saturday after watching Thor: The Dark World, I told him that I enjoyed the movie. He said to me, “Oh, you and your immortal boyfriends.” Obviously I had a good laugh reading his email.  Of course, I had to tell him about Loki. My brother in-law then replied saying that he thought Catwoman was the most loved villain. Hmm….Really? (I guess most men fancy Catwoman.) I told him I would take Loki anytime (compared to the other villains… eg. Malekith, Zod, etc… I also mentioned that I can’t wait to see Captain America : The Winter Soldier.

What followed was another email from my brother in-law telling me that he would set me up with one of his friends, dress him up in a cape, thick belt, and knee-high boots. (And underwear over his clothes…Yikes!!) Told him I didn’t want a hybrid. 

I would laugh my head off if he really does dress his friend off like one of the superheroes. (But then again, the one I fancy is the villain. For the first time, it’s the villain that catches my attention.) Although I know all the above was meant as humour, it does make me wonder how he would be able to dress his friend up as eg. Superman

I should probably remind him that his friend better be able to read poetry the way Loki does…wait..I mean Tom Hiddleston.



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