I have read cases about identity theft but never thought my identity would be stolen. Yesterday morning, I noticed something odd when I received a text message on the phone saying that one of my credit cards is being billed for a transaction at MCAFEE. The amount is a little over USD1. I called to investigate but didn’t get much information and planned on canceling the card but I had to make sure I didn’t have any auto-billing tied to that card. When I came back from lunch, I received  another text message saying that the specific card was activated on iTunes. (I was shocked). A while later, I received yet another text message saying that the respective card was used in iTunes for something costing USD49.99. I immediately made the call to cancel the card.

Can’t figure out how the thief did it. I’ve only used it mostly when I visit petrol stations, grocery store. But it’s a real pain to do all the paperwork because of someone else’s greed and wrongdoing.


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