“Chimpanzee” In The Office

Ever had one of those moments when you’re sitting at the office and start to feel sleepy…to the extent that you’re seeing doubles? What do you do? Coffee doesn’t really help because it takes some time for the caffeine to kick in.

Sometimes, I read some of the latest news using Zite on my iPhone. Yesterday, I came across an interesting app where if you uploaded your picture, it would show you which celebrity you look like. No harm to it, I thought. So I uploaded one of my closeup photos. Guess what the result was! Paris Hilton. I couldn’t accept it. (Still can’t. Naturally I prefer to resemble one of my favourite actresses.) So, I tried it again. Hit the upload photo and not long after that – the face of a chimpanzee appeared and obviously, it came with sound effects. What else? My earpods weren’t plugged in. The “chimpanzee” was screaming. I quickly pushed the “mute” button but hello…Apple,..why doesn’t the Mute button do its mute magic.? Why? (I realize too, that Mute doesn’t work when you’re playing YouTube on the iPhone. But why?)

So…the sound attracted some attention. A few of the girls looked towards my direction but oh, I had to stay calm. Yes, put on the poker face. Everything’s under control… or at least it had to appear that way.

No more celebrity lookalike apps now… Beware the chimp! On the bright side – it really woke me up.



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