November madness


So, I dived into the NaNoWriMo hole without knowing what to expect. It’s actually quite difficult to write out the ideas in my head.  Found myself hitting the backspace key very often. Then I wondered if I should just continue writing and worry about editing next time. Will I ever reach 50,000 words?

What encouraged me is when I learned that a few of the ladies sitting in the same row as myself at church, are writers. I didn’t expect it at all.

How I found myself attending this church – i honestly have no clue. I have been a regular member of another church. I just felt a tugging inside that I had to go there. I discovered that church when my best friend told me he was going there. I was actually trying to discourage him but I had to find out what was tugging at his heart, that made him want to go there. I paid a visit on one Sunday, and I guess the rest was history.

There was a word given to me that I can’t shake off. Perhaps because it brings back all the memories of the past. Somehow they’re falling into place, at least I see them falling into place. Although I do draw and paint, I did write a lot in my younger days. For some reason, I have always loved notebooks, diaries,..empty books… because there’s an urge to write  but not really knowing what to write. I wrote a lot of letters. Received many pens as gifts. I used to write short stories. Why I stopped writing – I have no idea. When I took the plunge and started writing for NaNoWriMo, I felt the thrill and excitement that I haven’t felt for a long long time.  And definitely don’t feel that in my 8 to 5 job. What about art? I still enjoy art, it gives me peace and always reminds me of how amazing God is. Look at the world around you… stand by the Niagara Falls like how I did years ago… and all I could say was “Wow!”

I don’t know where all this is going, but I know that there’s no turning back now.

The prophecy was like a gentle breeze, blowing life into my hands. How was it possible that he spoke of something I never told anyone, I asked myself.

Ah…but then God knows all things. And if you are open to His voice, He will share His plans with you.


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