Rims & Things


While I had meant to visit Gurney Paragon, I felt led to visit the tire shop. Yes! Time for realignment. I also had to get the rims changed because the original ones were dented and the vibration (while driving) could cause damage to the absorber.

So, before I even bought my airtickets to Seoul, I’ve already had to spend quite a hefty amount on those rims. Guess what! My car battery was at negative too!… How it has continued to power my car, I can only say it is God’s grace.

In my previous experience, the car battery died, right in front of my house. That too, was God’s blessing indeed. At least I wasn’t out in town or in the shopping mall.  I think I learned through that experience because I thought I felt compelled to get my car battery checked then, but I procrastinated. This time, I know better.

God is good! If He leads you to the tire shop,.. He definitely has reasons for doing so.




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