My Lovely Samsoon: Plot & Review

my-name-is-kim-sam-soon-1-bolum-izleI can’t believe it took me so long to watch this Korean drama. I absolutely love this drama. Perhaps a little more than Winter Sonata. However, Winter Sonata was my first exposure to Korean drama.

In My Lovely Samsoon, the main characters Sam Soon and Jin Heon are played by Kim Sun-Ah and Hyun Bin. I have to admit that Hyun Bin is a very good actor, having seen him in Secret Garden as well – I think he’s able to play different roles very well. They both made the characters seem so real.

In the beginning, we see how Sam Soon found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Sam Soon is devastated. She lost her boyfriend and her job on Christmas eve. After what appears like a confrontation with her boyfriend, she went to the mens room to cry, of course, without realizing that she had gone into the mens room. Her first meeting with Jin Heon takes place in there obviously.

Sam Soon is someone who loves very deeply, although she’s constantly insecure about her weight and quite loud too. However, she is a very good patissiere. Jin Heon has emotional scars having lost his brother and sister-in law in a car accident whereby he was the driver. To top it all off, his then girlfriend Hee Jin left for the States because his mother thought it was best for him. Jin Heon didn’t know that she had been diagnosed with cancer and his mother had not wanted him to get another blow.

Jin Heon, in another meeting, offered Sam Soon a job at his restaurant Bon Apetit. When Sam Soon found herself in need of 50 million won, to prevent the foreclosure of her mother’s house,  Jin Heon proposes a deal. In the deal, she has to be his “false” girlfriend. Perhaps Jin Heon was tired of all the blind dates that his mother has been setting up for him.

Of course, as they spend more time with one another, they begin to fall for one another. Then guess what!…Hee Jin came back from the States. If you wish to know what happens, watch the series.

In some of the episodes, I found myself feeling Sam Soon’s pain, especially when Jin Heon was confused with his own feelings. He obviously was jealous, seeing her with other men but he didn’t know what it was. When Jin Heon told Sam Soon that he was getting back together with Hee Jin, I felt my heart breaking too.

This series has a different ending but it’s a “feel good” ending. It’s also nice to see for a change, the female lead is not the stereotypical slim, trim, all perfect features pretty girl.

As for Hyun Bin, well… I understand why my buddy thinks he’s got ooomph. He sure does, but not just an eye candy. A very talented eye candy!

PS. You must see the karaoke scene. I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes.





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