Don’t Ask Me To Make Lemonade

Lately it feels as if there’s a tennis ball throwing machine in front of me and I’m running all over trying to avoid being hit. No, don’t ask me to make lemonade from the lemons thrown at me. When will it finally be my day. ?

Wasn’t it less than 2 years ago when someone’s pregnancy took precedence over my knee injuries. Back then, her justification to management was that she wasn’t able to do too much walking and the paperwork involved (getting approval signatures etc) required quite a bit of walking. So my portfolio increased. Then again, as I recall, she did quite a bit of shopping during her pregnancy. Didn’t that involve walking a lot in the mall?

And now, even my long awaited holiday may need to be postponed because I may need to be her backfill?

Ah Lord God! Now would be a good time to save me…



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