Lunch Topics…

Just out of curiosity, what do you talk about during lunch? My lunch mates consists of 2 ladies from my team, another 2 from different teams. We usually discuss about the latest news but what seems to be the topics often brought up are as follows: the latest accidents, celebrities, and the latest events etc…

I mainly do the listening because I don’t usually have anything to bring up as a “key topic” unless I see something interesting at Flipboard. However, one thing I do notice is that they like to talk about accidents. (Don’t ask me why…. I still ask wonder myself….)

One of the girls like to discuss about the accident victims and the gory appearance and mind you…most of us are still munching our lunch. Sometimes I just tune out and do selective listening not to be rude but I didn’t think listening to that would be of any benefit anyway. Plus, it grosses me out. However, I’ll just sit through the conversation.

Then another girl likes to discuss about ghosts, ghouls etc.. She gets herself all tense and scared just by bringing up that topic. Then she’d say she feels goosebumps.. (Hello, it’d help if you don’t talk about that topic if you are feeling all scared about it,. No?)

Sometimes I wish people would stop posting gory photos on the internet (obviously including Facebook). I find it rude to post pictures of accident victims, or abused victims. Think of the anguish they would feel. Family members of the accident & abused victims would see the haunting images again.



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