Signed, Framed..Not Yet Delivered

So, I drove to town to collect my artworks. They’ve been nicely framed by Lekuan Gallery. I hope I manage to sell them off. I guess time will tell.

Attend the opening ceremony of the oil painting exhibition at the Penang State Art Gallery. I miss doing oil painting as I’ve been working on acrylics for sometime. However, I do not miss the smell of turpentine, linseed oil and definitely don’t miss the mess involved in oil painting.

When I posted a few pictures at my facebook page, someone commented that one of the pieces is cheap. I didn’t think that was a good word to use. I consider no artworks “cheap”. The dollars don’t represent everything that went in while the artist is painting the work. (How do you put a price to emotions?)

I also believe that one shouldn’t compare prices. How is it possible to do price comparison among different artists? Each one is gifted in a different way. It’s wrong to compare the price to those auctioned in the famous auction houses in England or France. You can’t compare works by the new artists with those done by the masters (Monet, Degas etc…)

I also hesitate answering questions like “what has more priority? Your job or your dream?” What kind of a question is that anyway? Naturally, the ideal is to be fully working on your dream because then, it’s not “working” anymore.

The job is what brings in the dollars to finance the dream and one can only pray and wait for the day when the dream fully launches into reality.



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