Forgetting What Lies Behind

20130713-110938.jpgI went to the botanical gardens this morning. Yes, I did whine because I had to park very far away from the park. I wanted a good walk at the park, not a long walk to the park. By the time I reached the park, I was beginning to sweat. Then I kept seeing people running, which was normal but when I was halfway through my park, I thought I heard a little voice that spoke to my spirit. “You will run again!” At that moment, I looked up and I saw several people running towards my direction. I turned away and saw a father carrying a little girl on his shoulder. “I will build you up,” I heard the voice speak again.

Then I asked myself why would God show me the runners and the scene of the father and daughter. I think He wanted the message to be ingrained in my mind that He will build me up. Like the father who has the girl on his shoulders, he will lift me up and walk with me until I’m complete healed. I think I will buy myself a pair of new shoes. The old has to go when the new comes.

Yes, I believe that I will run again.


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