Searching for Peace in the midst of Chaos

It has been a stressful week due to family matters. I feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes the people who are closest to you could unknowingly put a lot of pressure on you, as it happened to me.

Yesterday, I felt as if I was at rock bottom and still, there’s a big rock that’s pressing me down further. It made me want to just disappear or hide in a hole. By yesterday evening, I could feel pain behind my eye. Yes, those horrible cluster headaches. Then I decided to put my phone on airplane mode and spent an hour or so in worship and prayer. I desperately wanted peace and didn’t want to get anymore phone calls or messages that night.

It’s amazing how that one hour really lifted my spirits up. Today I’m reminded about the dream I had a few days ago about the ballet and the hiding place. I believe it was the Lord preparing me for this week, or at least inviting me to hide in Him because He already knows what this week was going to be like, for me.

I came across an article written by John Paul Jackson. Here’s an excerpt from the original article :

Hidden in the heart of our Father, we can speak, “Peace, be still,” and the “waves” in our lives will grow calm.

And by the way, my phone was kept offline the entire night, for the first time. Ah…so peaceful.



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