From The Bedroom To The Living Room

When I injured my knees, I moved from my main room upstairs to the guest room downstairs and that room has since become my makeshift office cum bedroom. However I realized that having the bed in the same room as your office just doesn’t work.

I swear I can see scenes playing out in my mind just waiting to be put to paper, but somehow I never got around to it because of so many distractions, eg. Korean dramas, TV series and books to read (mind you the living room is easily accessible), and even my art materials are within reach.

I find that in order to write something, I need to be away from the bed. So, here I am,…at the living room. Hopefully something new comes out.

I was unable to write much in the past few weeks. It was basically an emotional roller coster from the election results to having an old friend surprise me with his sudden return (for visit). When I say “surprise”, I mean “shock”. I guess I’ll be more prepared now onwards if I receive an obnoxious text message on the phone, claiming to be my admirer and my supplier at the same time. Oh that naughty boy!


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