Love, Something the world needs

When I arrived at the office last Monday, I could see the look in everyone’s faces. They were tired. So was I. Nobody wanted to talk. There were several people wearing black, I  noticed. In fact, I too, wore black. I have my doubts on the results of the election held on May 5, 2013. Yet, I’m not God. Therefore I don’t know what truly happened. I do, however salute the people who have been attending the post-election rally. Never have I seen such unity. Though I am not there at any of the rallies, I share their dreams and aspirations for a better country.

Yes, I dream of  a day when we can look at each other as Malaysians, and see faces with no races. We laugh, we cry, we live and we die. We love, and we need love. Moreover, we all have red coloured blood. Why is it so difficult to see each other as equals? If only everyone could look with the eyes of love.



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