Going Home

When I was in my final year at University of Waterloo, I tried to find a job desperately but the door was closed to me. I felt very sad because I love the country. I love the friends I’ve made when I was there and I just like how things are so organized. Naturally when I returned home to Penang, I was bitter. I couldn’t understand why I had to come back to Penang. In fact, my first few days back in this island was filled with so much dissatisfaction. I complained about how buses were not on time and there’s no schedule on the arrival times of the buses. I complained about how cashiers in the mall are not friendly and I complained about the weather. I still complain about the weather and the traffic congestion but I think through the years, God has taught me about hope. It took many years but I have definitely seen some improvements. Obviously there’s nothing we can do about the climate with the fact that Penang is near the equator. But I have truly seen improvements. So, it has brought me the courage to hope that this entire country can be a better country, a safer country, cleaner, more organized and corruption free. So, if you’re voting this Sunday- think about it properly before marking the box.





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