Artists & Technology

I was just pondering about how lucky we are that there are so many different softwares and applications that exist today which we, as artists can use for our works if we only desire to do digital artworks. Then I wondered, what if the artists of yesteryears have access to the technology which we have today…how different would things have been?

I guess if Monet had an iphone, he’d definitely have the Sunrise Clock or at least some application which sends a notification/alert a few minutes before sunset. I think all artists would be using the weather apps. After all, if one is to paint outdoors, knowing the weather is important. (Note: then again,…how accurate are the weather apps these days?) Some other apps which I think he would possibly have is the compass so that he would know his location when doing work outdoors. I can imagine him sending a message to Renoir (imagine if he had an iPhone too) …probably asking him to come out because of the gorgeous sunshine.

I don’t think he’d want any of those art/drawing apps because with his skills, I think he would much rather paint the actual stuff. Who would be satisfied with only a softcopy of the artwork. What do you think?

So, what if the Impressionists (artists) each own iPhones and iPads? I wonder what they’d be doing…


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