One Noisy Night

So much has been said about the recent concert held at Han Chiang on the 20th of April. When I was in my teens, I used to be a fan of Leon Lai. I suppose I grew out of it. So, I was glad to hear that he was coming to Penang to perform for a charity concert, and not only him,..but Alan Tam and a few others as well. “It’s about time,..” my heart said. However, I did not attend the concert I’m just no longer interested. No doubt,… they’re still talented singers but why now? It’s so strange, just to think about it. If they had come when I was in my teens, I would’ve gone to the concert (charity.. or not) but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. (Assuming that the concert ticket costs more than Rm20 each.) Today, when I can buy the ticket, I am just not interested. Yes, I will still listen to Alan Tam or Leon Lai on iTunes, Youtube…etc…

I’ve always felt like residents in Penang although are not missing out on the great food, we’re missing out on great events, concerts, recitals etc… More often than not, we need to travel to KL or Singapore just for that. Tommy Emmanuel’s concert was an exception. However, I didn’t go since I didn’t want to do too much stair climbing at the PAC.

Now, getting back to the charity concert last night… I wasn’t there and I’m not sure if there’s any other motive other than charity. As mentioned, too much has been said about that concert and I am not omniscient, therefore I shall speak out my opinion.

Putting everything aside (politics, motives, comments from others in Facebook etc…) – I think there are proper venues for events such as this. In my humble opinion, it should be held in a stadium, or or somewhere with not only the capacity, acoustics etc… but not near the residential area. I found it very annoying and disturbing. The bass pounded away at night and my window panes were vibrating. Hello,…that’s way too loud, no? Moreover, some of us actually do want some sleep. And if they hold it near residential areas, it should at least end early.

I hope that in the future, organizers would take into consideration, that not all residents appreciate the noise. That’s my two cents worth…


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