Who Is Your Muse?

20130417-222022.jpgThis is my latest artwork. As you can tell, this is still very much work in progress. I can’t recall when I started working on this but I did take some pictures of the progress. My evenings and nights are mostly spent with my acrylic paint and brushes. However, I would add by saying that painting isn’t something that you can do just by wlling to do it. Sometimes it starts out with just an intention, but at the end of the day, the inspiration needs to be there. Of course, there are occasions when I can paint for 2 hours a day, every day for about a week or so. Those are days when I’m highly inspired and it can be triggered by events or just by listening to music that somehow speak to my heart. That got me wondering…Who is your muse? I won’t go into Greek mythology here. Who is your source of inspiration? Of course, I get inspired just by looking at God’s wonderful creation in nature, but there are two people that inspire me so much that just by listening to the music they play, I could close my eyes and see an artwork in my mind’s eye. Whenever I paint, I could totally lose track of time – painting away especially when I’m listening to the music they play. They are pianist Dimitris Sgouros, and violinist Joshua Bell. I guess they are my muse. My other artworks are here.

So, for this piece that’s shown here, I have been listening to Dimitris Sgouros’s recordings and Joshua Bell’s recordings. I was specifically listening to music in the romantic era. Here’s a video of Sgouros playing Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit.

And here’s another video. This is Joshua Bell playing an excerpt from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.


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