More Reminders

I never expected it, but it seems that there are more reminders today. Woke up to see an email, a devotional article with the title, “What’s in your heart?”. Before I left for church service in the morning, another audio devotion caught my attention. It’s one of those by Max Lucado. “What Do You Love To Do?” 

“God uses your passion to turn your life. God is too gracious to ask you to do something you hate”  (Excerpt from Max Lucado’s daily devotional)

Art is so much a part of me that if I were to stop painting, I might as well cease to exist. A few years ago, during my performance appraisal, I was asked if art is my priority. I think it’s not a fair question because my involvement in fine arts has never affected my job. If anything, it keeps me sane. In fact, they’re two sides of a coin. It’s very obvious what I am only doing just for the salary and what I would do, even if I was never paid. Naturally I hope that my passion would be my main income earner some day and that I won’t be a starving artist.



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