I think that when God wants to remind you of things, He will send you reminders. While I started out last week feeling good and cheery, things started to fall apart, and by Friday, I just had too many issues. How I wish that I could fly away on the wings of an eagle. Wasn’t it not long ago when I told myself that I would just close one eye and just accept it – that this is as good as it gets. Just think of the salary I’m bringing home, my mind tells me. It’s almost as if there’s this constant battle going on between my heart and my mind. There’s that voice that keeps telling my head that I’ll never make it, that my dreams would never come true. I feel like a caged bird that’s dying to fly.

After the frustrations and stress throughout the week, I took out an unfinished work and continued painting this morning. When I’m doing a piece of artwork, I feel as though I’m enveloped in peace and joy. It just makes me forget all my stress of the past week.

Then I went for the launch of an art exhibition. I surely didn’t expect it but I met my two teachers who taught me water colour and oil painting. Seeing them caused me to reminisce. It’s been so many years ago, and they still inspire me. One of my teachers asked me if I participate in the shows. When I told her no, she reminded me that I need to get involved in the art exhibitions in order to improve my works.

After the exhibition, I headed home and started reading some articles about art. In the article, “Where are the new Malaysian artists?” , this was written. (See excerpt below.)

 A lot of new artists find the going getting tough after a few group exhibitions and they fail to improve after a few years. From there, they choose to take the road most travelled where they give up on their dreams and join the corporate industry.

Yes, I can’t agree more. But have I given up too easily? And are the events today reminders that are heaven sent.?



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