This Chinese New Year

It must be the grace of God, that I didn’t end up facing anyone who could’ve asked me the dreaded question (which is popular during this season). “All your sisters are married. When is your turn?”, “So, any boyfriend yet?” “Anyone special?” I think they have finally realized that they should be minding their own business.

There are pros and cons for living in a country where most of your relatives are not around. Of course, we would be able to meet if we take a flight Indonesia. (Or vice versa). While I salute my parents for their gift of hospitality (that I don’t have), I sometimes think we should be careful not to be taken for granted.

It gets overboard when visitors (related or not), come by assuming that it’s really their home and leave their empty beer cans on the table when the bin just a few steps away. While there may be plastic containers with food lying around, one should have the courtesy to ask the permission of the host if before helping oneself with the food. Of course, if we were asked, we would say yes but to be taken for granted is really something else.

I dread waking up in the morning to see the used mugs, empty beer cans lying around. I simply don’t wash them as I wanted to teach them a lesson to wash them but in the end, they just never learn. Year after year, same old same old. I honestly get along better with them if I see them less often. I just feel that they’re taking “free accommodation” here for granted, making us like their maids.



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