I’ll Remember

Have you ever had one of those delayed shock events? By delayed shock, I mean something that happened several years ago which would’ve impacted you then but since you only found out about it now, you’re feeling that shock you would’ve felt back then?

Today, I found out that my secondary school teacher (who was, at one time in my life, my math tutor) passed away more than 2 years ago. I remember visiting him not too long ago. Perhaps 5 – 7 years ago? I knew he suffered from stroke but he was doing quite well when we last met. He was able to walk and talk. I’m glad I got to see him before he left this place. He was indeed a unique teacher and made math so easy. I’ll remember you, Mr. Koay. I wish I had known about his passing. I would’ve attended the wake service.

I’ll also remember the late Professor Ron Scoins who taught me Math 137 at University of Waterloo. I never knew he suffered from cancer. He was such an inspiring teacher and was like a father figure to me when I was away from Malaysia. I found out about his passing when I read the alumni newsletter several years back. I’m so glad I had a photo taken with him and his wife at the Math Grad Ball.

I myself have been a lecturer before, although my students were mainly diploma students. Needless to say, I didn’t last long there. It made me realize that it takes dedication and LOTS of patience to be a good teacher. It also takes self control when you see your student sleep right in front of your class. I definitely salute my teachers.



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