Could’ve Been

A few days ago, I was contacted by an old friend whom I’ve not heard from for more than 1 year. I was actually surprised to hear from her. I was told that there will be a new church centre. She said they’re looking for christian themed artworks, and wanted to know if I’m interested. I thought my heart was leaping up with joy will “This is it!” echoing in my entire being.

I told her that I’m open to it but do not know if I have anything completed that meets requirements. At the same time I also prayed to God that although I’m excited about this, I will continue to wait if this isn’t something for me. Spoken too soon perhaps, suddenly there’s no further news from her. Should I give up hope now? I can continue to wait but I just hope I don’t die waiting.

I do not do commissioned artworks. I was approached by another friend who asked if I could paint a Jesus artwork for her. I didn’t think it’s right so rejected it. Moreover, I don’t do portraits.


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