Hot Flush or Excitement

I had a good evening with my bestfriend yesterday. It was like a day of unloading. I shared with him my dreams for my future, a preferred future. Yes, it has to do with writing. However, this dream had been placed inside the archives for such a long time. If it’s tangible, it would be collecting dust. “Don’t think so far ahead,.. go write that book first.” He said. So, I left Dome last night feeling a temporary high, seeing my books (note that it’s in plural) on the bookshelves in the stores. I told myself “it’s not impossible”.

This morning, I had an unexpected phone call from a book publisher. “Is your book ready yet?”, she asked. All of a sudden, I felt a hot flush, (…or was it just excitement? I don’t know.) My heart was pounding so hard. Of course, I had to tell the truth, that my book is not ready yet. She asked again, “When will your book be ready?” I have written to several self-publishing sites to get some information on the process but I never expected that call. It’s a timely reminder too, that I should not procrastinate.

Thus, it’s time to write.



  1. Can’t seem to get the ball going. Too many distractions… But I received an email from another publisher. I think those self-publishing houses must also be seeking business.

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