Unfinished Business

I spent most of Saturday at home reading and watching some of Sid Roth’s archived shows after having had a miserable Friday. I would recommend watching those shows because I felt very encouraged and it opened my eyes to see the greatness of God.

Yes, I know God is great but He is greater than my existing knowledge of Him and I’m reminded that if God is for us, who can be against us. After watching those shows, I felt so desperate to know God more. Suddenly there’s a very deep hunger and thirst and yearning to be with Him.

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. (Psalm 84:10)

This post is called “unfinished business” because there’s still so much I dream of doing and yet my knees have yet to heal completely. The marathon is least of my concern now.  There’s a special ministry in Bangkok that I wanted to visit before my knee injury. Sometimes I wonder what can be done to prevent the girls from selling themselves in the prostitution business. I  believe that when they taste the love of God, they will learn their identity in Christ and not go into prostitution. There’s got to be more that can be done to help these girls.

It seems like I have this vision or dream about a book in my mind and it just won’t go away. I can be working at the office but I see it in my mind, longing to be doing that instead of being trapped in those four walls of the cubicle.



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