I Praise You

Dumbbell Nebula

What you see is the dumbbell nebula (messier object 42). The more pictures I see of the different parts of the universe, the more I’m in awe of God. While some have tried (..are still trying?) to explain creation by using science, I find quite the opposite happening for me. The more I read science and astronomy, the more I know the God I serve is real.

Astrophotography is something that I have recently gotten interested in mainly because I still haven’t recovered fully from my knee injuries although I know I’m getting better. While my DSLR camera sits and collects dust with my lenses, I’m glad that I can take these snapshots in the comfort of my room without having to wait till midnight or dawn. I do it via remotely controlled telescopes. (Check out iTelescope.net) How addictive it can get, but I have a new appreciation and awareness of God after having taken these photos and seeing for myself.

Additionally, I was suffering from piles for weeks and yet I was so reluctant to tell any family members as I didn’t want them to worry. I was too embarrassed to see the doctor, so I just continued believing that God will heal me. He has healed me. No more pain without medication. The amount of water I drink daily hasn’t changed. Praise God!

Despite the challenges I faced last year, that I’m still overcoming, I praise You, God! For You are a faithful God!




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