Surgery experience


Never thought I’d ever have to go for surgery. I had managed to avoid knee surgery so far but I never planned on having my ear operated. Ever since I was young, I refused to get my ears pierced. My reason, I didn’t want a hole on my earlobe.

Today I had a minor operation done on my left ear due to pinna seroma. The entire procedure took less than 20 minutes. The waiting time was long. I wasn’t nervous until my name was called and I had to head downstairs to the O.T waiting area.

I hated the backless gown. Of course there’s a coat we wear to cover our back. Then when I was being strapped on the operating table, I started to feel nervous. I was on local anesthetic. The first 2 injections were painful. Then my ear became numb. But the local anesthetic wore off in about 2 hours and I’m in pain.


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