Pain is a word I dread. I think everyone dreads it too but it comes whether you like it, or not. There’s all sorts of pain. There’s also the ache that one feels with a broken heart.

It’s been several months since I was diagnosed with knee injuries. Sometimes I don’t know how I manage it. It’s a miracle itself that I don’t get depressed. Life has changed tremendously and at times I envy friends who live such happening lives. Oh how I wish I can go back in time. One word I can say is “grace”. If not for God’s grace, I wouldn’t have made it this far and would’ve seen grey clouds instead of the sunshine.

Leg extension from a seated position is now less painful. Praise God for that. In my previous appointment with the chiropractor, he had asked me to squat. I can now say that it’s the worst position to be in. I can’t even understand how some people prefer the squat toilets.

I thank God for friends who prayed, (still praying). It’s nice to have the support, but hope must be placed on God because as long as they’re (friends, family) human, they can fail you. One thing I learned is to put my expectation on God.

Soon, I will have my next appointment and very likely will be made to squat again. Yes, I’m someone who’s frightened of pain. If I ever got married, I’d probably decide not to have a baby because of all that I’ve heard from friends. Labour is painful, and so is the C-section (post surgery – of course.)

I will also need to learn to climb the stairs again. I wish that I can hear a loud booming sound from heaven commanding me to climb, even one step on the stairs, cos if I know God commands it, He will take away that pain on my right knee even as I climb.


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